Final Year Project

Interior Design

The brief

Why Legacy?

My final year project was the creation of a hypothetical Black Cultural Archive and Cultural Centre of Scotland. The mission of this archive was to promote the collection and preservation of records which document the lives of the Black diaspora across Scotland. The archive was to serve as a resource where people can learn about the work of Black people within Scotland, also, a series of spaces where the community can preserve their current works to cement it into the fabric of Scottish history. The series od spaces focussed on orality and the history of oral traditions of storytelling, parables and history across the African diaspora.

Final Main SPace.png

The brief

Why Legacy?

The main space in this project was the Storytelling Centre. Throughout the African diaspora oral storytelling is a vital means of sharing histories, passing on traditions and passing down proverbs. From the griots of West Africa to Calypso music of Trinidad. Oral traditions are prevalent throughout the African diaspora. Much of this storytelling is oral and accompanied by music. Inspired by the National Centre for Arts and Culture in The Gambia this space where, objects are used to generate stories of Black Scottish people, their works, stories and passions.


The proposed plans.

Lower Ground Floor
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor
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Joinery Detailing

My design solution was a 'hidden cabinetry wall' and this is where my interest in joinery and material specification grew immensely.


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Second Floor