The brief


My final year project at The University of Edinburgh was the creation of a hypothetical Black Cultural Archive and Cultural Centre of Scotland. The mission of this archive was to promote the collection and preservation of records that document the lives of the Black diaspora across Scotland. The archive was to serve as a resource where people can learn about the work of Black people within Scotland, also, a series of spaces where the community can preserve their current works to cement it into the fabric of Scottish history. The series of spaces focussed on orality and the history of oral traditions of storytelling, parables and history across the African diaspora.

Cultural Centre,

New Town, Edinburgh

Programs- AutoCAD, Illustrator, Sketchup and Photoshop

The need


The University of Edinburgh is the worst Russell Group university for admitting black students, followed by The University of Glasgow. In 2015-2016 the admission of black students was 0.6%. This reflects on a wider issue within Scotland; the lack of visibility of black people, there lives, interests and histories. I felt that a series of spaces that collect, preserve and celebrate the contributions of the African diaspora within Scotland was more than necessary. Ultimately I wanted to create a safe space for black people in Edinburgh and wider Scotland. A space that I would have benefitted from whilst I was at university.


Presidio, San Francisco

July 2023

Photos by Kevin Martinez