About Me

First Class Honours, Interior Graduate, University of Edinburgh 2020 Graduate

I am passionate about using spatial design to elevate and transform the built environment. My truth is this - a building is more than the sum of all its structures and my design style is to make space come alive and utilised to maximum advantage while enhancing and uplifting the lives of its users. I am versatile, analytical, great at communicating, with the capability to remain calm even in the midst of challenges and turbulence.

Practical on the job experience gained as an undergraduate and freelance Interior Designer and illustrator, creating

meaningful designs using top of the range software and design artefacts such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3Ds Max, Adobe and Photoshop to deliver on design briefs that delight clients. I step outside of the box to support with redefining how space can work for people, and not against them because I understand how good design principles shape lives with far-reaching consequences not just on branding or self-identity, but on quality of living, well-being and productivity.

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